CannaPOS Dispensary Point Of Sale Software

Main Screen

CannaPOS Main Screen

This is the Main Screen for the CannaPOS Point Of Sale software. Easy to read, menu buttons are customizable to suite your needs.

Start the sale by selecting New Order.

Select Customer

CannaPOS Search Customer

Search for existing Customer or add a New Customer at the POS Register. CannaPOS offers you several ways to look up a Customer. Search by Name, Address, MMJ ID or Drivers License. CannaPOS reads and prints standard and 3D barcodes.

If you have a reception area for customer check-in, use the Office manager program to enter Customers.


TouchScreen Ordering

Create buttons on the touchscreen for cannabis or other products. Touch a button and sell the product – You can sell a prepackaged item, begin the process of weighing an item, or permit the selection of a lot number, from a list of on-hand products.



Bar Code Scanning

CannaPOS reads standard and 3D barcodes necessary for reading a Drivers License. Often, products you sell are already marked with a UPC code, prepackaged cannabis products may include a lot number code on the package, and some products you may tag with a bar code after arrival at the store. CannaPOS determines what to do based on the Product Entry record.


Fast and Easy Checkout

Press the Pay button and the Payment screen pops up. Simply press the tender type and complete the sale. Because our platform is already used in other industries, we are ready to process credit cards as soon as that option becomes available.