Your Database - On Your Local Server

Customer Database

  • Stores customer name, address and more for medical card verification, marketing and other uses.
  • Warns cashier when medical card expires
  • Scans and stores images of medical marijuana card and customer identification.

Self Contained Loyalty and Rewards Program

CannaPOS has built-in customer loyalty features that allow Customers to earn loyalty points on purchases. These points are accumulated and can be redeemed for free products.

The way it works;

  1. Select which products earn loyalty points and how many points are earned with a purchase
  2. Accumulate points until the customer has earned enough points to earn a reward
  3. Redeem loyalty points and get a selected item free

Adding a loyalty program stops you from competing on price by giving you another way to differentiate your store: you can offer an enhanced customer experience by connecting with their emotions.