Medical Cannabis

Use CannaPOS in Medical cannabis stores. Scan and store Medical Id card and Drivers License.  Compare the saved image with the card that is presented, to verify identity. Track expiration dates and alert cashier of expiration.

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Recreational Cannabis

Use CannaPOS in Recreational cannabis stores. Fast checkout and a built in Loyalty Program will bring a smile to your customers face. CannPOS interfaces with a precision scale, two label printers and up to five report/receipt printers at each station.

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Regulatory Reporting

CannaPOS interfaces with Biotrac and Metrc for states that require seed to sales tracabilty. Produce reports in real time that show sales and tax collections.

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CannaPOS software is built on a fast local framework that allows you process transaction rapidly - even if the internet is down.

Included in the package are Employee Time Clock & Scheduling, Back Office Manager and Regulatory Reporting.  CannaPOS supports a scale, two label printers and up to five individual report/receipt printers. Scan the customer ID and you are ready to process a sale.

CannaPOS offers over 100 factory reports designed to track your business and offer specific information to grow your business. The Customer Loyalty program rewards your most valuable customers and keeps them coming back.

Factory Service Co will design a system based on your workflow. We use time tested equipment and procedures that will provide years of reliable service. In addition, we will be there to assist whenever needed. Installation is performed on site and training is available at your convenience.

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